The NCC/Charles H. Este Cultural Centre purpose is to establish and manage a community centre where education, workshops, athletic programs, theatre, art, music, recreation and hobbies can benefit the public at large.  These courses and programs, in the long run, will enlighten and affect everyone’s mental and physical situation in an extremely positive way.


The NCC will again become a community and cultural venue and will lease out halls and offices to organizations in need of accommodation. These leasing arrangements will cover over the long term, building operating and maintenance costs. The organizations housed in the building will offer services and activities consistent with the following principles:

Support the needs of target users, with primary emphasis on services and activities for young people and their families and for the elderly. Interrelated and intergenerational services and activities will provide for attracting all those for whom the building has strong symbolic significance, as well as for the residents of Little Burgundy. The NCC seeks to serve its host community and foster mutual assistance. Rather than duplicate services and activities that are already available in the area, the NCC will propose that existing organizations having expertise and credibility in given areas of interest, provide those resources within the NCC building.

Promoting Montreal's Black culture and history.

The reopening of the NCC building for community uses will in itself mark the recognition of past, present and future contributions of Black citizens, to the development of Montreal. Those contributions will be emphasized through a specialized documentation centre, educational mini-exhibitions, conferences, cultural activities and other like means. Such activities promoting Black pride will also target the entire population of Greater Montreal.

Be an inviting, hospitable inclusive meeting place where people can congregate to celebrate special events or simply to socialize.

Encourage empowerment. The activities and services offered will give users the means to develop their skills, improve their living conditions and take charge of their future.