The Capital Campaign Objectives


State of the art windows will be installed throughout the building.

Exposition and performance spaces

The building will be equipped with several exposition and performance spaces.


Spaces will be available for various workshop activities


A museum focused on the identity of a place, largely based on local participation and aiming to enhance the welfare and development of local communities.

Banquet hall

Space will be available for a banquet hall capable of seating 250. This space will be available for birthdays, weddings, and for many other celebrations and activities.

Library and documentation centre

The library will house books and other documents pertaining to the Black experience in Montreal and around the world.


The Security team efforts will focus on prevention and monitoring, analyzing trends and assessing risk. In addition, our investigative division will handle the files related to all offences pertaining to the policies, regulations and code of conduct in force regarding the NCC property.


The Maintenance team will be charged to ensure that the entire building is properly maintained, kept clean and inviting at all times.

Naming opportunities

There will be several opportunities for naming rooms.

Please contact Mrs. Shirley Gyles, President.