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Adjusts to all fitness levels

Helps build muscle and burn fat

Improves posture and stability in your spine

Helps reduce the risk of injury

Makes your everyday tasks easier

Promotes a healthy mind-set

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Program in PDF format

Video demostrations

Nutrition guide

Building a stronger version of you.

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About the author

Jason Altidor

Jason "TheCore" Altidor is an athlete, motivator, fitness and group trainer. With more than 20 years of athletics training, he has coached hundreds of people including kids, adults and seniors.

Born in Montreal, Quebec, his parents are of Barbadian and Haitian decent. Jason grew up playing basketball, soccer (football) and volleyball, practicing calisthenics and running track. He was also a Royal Canadian Air Cadet for three years.

In addition to all things fitness, Jason's current interests and area of expertise include computer graphics, videography, animation and web development. He also writes poetry in his spare time.

Jason Altidor, ACEĀ® Certified Personal Trainer
Motivator, Fitness and Group Trainer
Calisthenics, Core & Functional Training
Youth and Elderly Training
Post Injury Rehab Training One on one / Online Training